Our Team


Our managers have extensive backgrounds and experience in Real Estate and other sections of housing including over 35 years in the utilities industry mastering collaboration and services; our managers bring a vast amount of experience to support our companies goals and future endeavors. We have over 30 years experience with Real Estate purchasing and rentals and overwhelming expertise in a vast array in property management. 

On-Site Managers

We have several managers to represent our company’s goal to supply our clients and customers with a better experience and exceptional services. Our On-Site managers are trained, provided the skills and resources to make flexible decisions to provide exemplary service. Our on-site managers contract with city officials, vendors and private contractor as required.


Uni Support Staff are superior in understanding and delivering clients requests. We have staff members who support our mission and project our image of providing exemplary services.


Assuring accountability and working compliance complexity is our company’s earnest endeavors. We promise to exceed in providing excellent service and performance that meet our clients needs. We have professional services to aid in assuring our compliance is monitored and updated as required.